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Theme and Custom Colors

All Office documents can contain a color theme and a set of custom colors. Color Theme Color Office documents contain a color theme of 10 theme colors: There are a selection of color themes to choose from: Using the application interface, it is easy enough to create new color themes of defined colors: In addition to the 10 colors in a color theme, there are also five tints o...
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PowerPoint Super Themes

Super Themes solve the problem of being able to switch slide size between wide (16:9) and standard (4:3) ratios without PowerPoint distorting images. This is an undocumented feature that can only be achieved by directly editing the XML of the file. We hope to be able to offer Super Themes in the near future.
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PowerPoint Custom Table Styles

Custom table styles make formatting tables to match brand guidelines much quicker and simpler than applying manual formatting. Word In Word it is easy to create new table styles based on theme fonts and colors: *We recently realised that it is NOT possible to define an inside horizontal border for the header row using Word's table style editor. Having an internal horizontal border is usef...
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How to convert InDesign to PowerPoint

How to convert InDesign to PowerPoint There is no option to export an Adobe InDesign document to a Microsoft PowerPoint document. You must first export the InDesign document to an Adobe PDF and then convert the PDF to a PowerPoint document either in Acrobat or PowerPoint itself. From Adobe InDesign export the document to an Adobe PDF document. File > Export > Save as type - Adobe PDF ...
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PowerPoint 2013 changes

What's changed in PowerPoint 2013 Losses There are several significant changes in PowerPoint 2013 which we consider to be a loss. 1. Personal templates PowerPoint 2013 does not give you access to your custom templates, be they personal or corporate. There is a selection of on-line "featured" templates. To gain access to you custom templates, click File > Options > Save and type %appda...
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