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We don’t claim to be graphic designers, but we know and work with many people who are. Today’s applications of choice for most designers are Adobe Creative Cloud InDesign and Illustrator.

Adobe Creative Cloud – InDesign and Illustrator

Calling all frustrated graphic designers

Have you ever created a beautiful, pixel-perfect design for your client using InDesign or Illustrator on your Apple Mac, only for them to request a version that they can edit in Word or PowerPoint on their Windows PC?

Tried exporting to RTF with no success? You might even have tried exporting as a PDF and then saving the PDF as a Word or PowerPoint document. What you end up with may even look vaguely like what you designed but if someone tries editing it with Word or PowerPoint it quickly falls to pieces!

But don’t despair, we use the latest version of Adobe Creative Cloud on Windows and Mac to dissect your designs. Then we recreate them as fully-functioning, branded Word and PowerPoint templates and documents.

Of course, Word is still only a word processor and does not have all the fantastic design and layout capabilities of InDesign. However, using our years of experience we can put Word through its paces to create something that looks as great as you intended and that can still be edited by the average Word user.

We know how to get the best from:

  • Document themes and styles for consistency and ease of use
  • Content controls for updating document content – e.g., type the title once and it repeats through the document
  • Ribbon, toolbar and keyboard customisation
  • Macro development
  • Text boxes (we try to avoid them whenever possible!)

If you are a designer and would like to discuss the practicality of implementing your designs in Word or PowerPoint then get in touch.

PS See this post if you would like to try and convert InDesign to Word for yourself.