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Custom Word templates with macros and ribbon customisation
Custom Word templates with macros and ribbon customisation

What is a Microsoft Word template?

A template is not just another document. Templates in Word perform very specific functions. Templates in Word work in a unique way and unlike they do in Microsoft PowerPoint of Microsoft Excel.

All Word documents are created from a template, even if it’s just the Normal (Blank) template. Creating a new document from a template does not make a copy of the template and neither does it simply open the template. When you create a new document from a template, the document inherits the template’s content, page layout and styles but it also remains attached to the template and has access to the template’s macros, ribbon customisations and building blocks.

The simplest template, and the one you use most often, probably without even realising it, is the Normal template, used to create blank documents. Microsoft Word is supplied with many other pre-defined templates but unless Microsoft’s designs match your brand and you want to produce your documents in US Letter format, you will need your own custom templates.

Why use a custom Word template?

  • Produce standard documents quickly, easily and consistently
  • Follow corporate design and brand guidelines with the minimum of effort using themes and styles
  • Access the advanced functionality of Word with limited experience and training
  • Save the cost of printing and storing corporate stationery by printing it yourself as part of the document
  • Create PDF documents that include all the branded elements normally only found on pre-printed stationery

Why use Office Templates to create your Word templates?

We’ve been creating templates since 1992. We’ve created hundreds of templates for individual users, large multinational companies and for government departments and agencies.

The Word templates we produce can include:

  • Colour and font themes and styles for quick and consistent formatting
  • Content controls for inputting and managing document content
  • Ribbon customisation in OOXML
  • Macro commands and dialogs written in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

What sort of Word templates do we create?

We create all sorts of Word templates for all sorts of purposes the most typical being:

Stationery templates

The commonest template we create is a simple letterhead with a first and continuation page. We often include a facility to turn the letterhead off or on so that the letter can be printed on stationery or emailed as a PDF.

Report and proposal templates

Report and proposal templates usually include a cover page, table of contents, body copy and appendices with running headers and footers. Reports and other long documents offer the most opportunity for maximising the benefit of styles.

Newsletter templates

Newsletter templates usually require complex layouts and graphics.

Microsoft Office for Windows or Microsoft Office for Mac?

Properly constructed templates will work equally well in Word for Windows and  Word for Mac. If we know the templates are going to be used in both environments we will use features common to both and test them thoroughly.

Training and Support

We are able to provide user guides, training and support specifically for our templates and more generally for Microsoft Word.