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Testimonials from some of our many clients:

We rely on the technological wizardry of David which consistently results in high quality work, produced in good time and in a straightforward manner.

Christine Kennedy, Creative Project Director
Kava Communications | creative marketing
We searched high and low for a reliable consultancy who could deliver Microsoft templates without compromise and without fuss. We found this in Ability Software Consultants. After commissioning them on several projects over a number of years we can safely say that we consider their team to be valued members of our team.
Belinda Moore, Creative Director
Moore & Moore Creative
These days, Word and PowerPoint templates are very much part of the deliverables for a new brand – and that’s great for designers because it means that a client’s in-house projects are much more likely to stay on-brand. What’s not so great for designers is having to work in Word or PowerPoint! So we found David’s services a perfect fit – our studio designed the items and he produced robust templates which our clients could use. David’s great to work with, reasonably priced and quick! We need never use Microsoft Office again!
Hilly Beavan, Director
Lawrence & Beavan Design Consultants

David provides ASHA with a fast, reliable service; faithfully translating our designs from the Mac to PC platform, building templates which help our clients implement the programmes we create for them. Efficient and helpful, David always goes the extra mile to provide workable solutions to often complex problems.

Hannah Mapleston
We’ve been working with David for a number of years to create Word templates and we’ve always been blown away with the speed, accuracy, cost and overall professionalism that’s provided with each job. David really knows his stuff and I’d recommend him to anyone.
Mike Masih, Creative Director
Peg Design

We’ve worked with David for the last 6 months, on Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents and presentations. We have an excellent working relationship, he is efficient and knowledgeable and we would recommend his services.

Mike Neary, Account Manager
JGM Agency
We have used David for a number of years to develop and maintain a suite of standard Word and PowerPoint templates, which the business uses for generating our communications and outputs to clients. We find him to be responsive and professional, with both a good understanding of the technical aspects of document automation and consideration of the visual impact. We would have no hesitation in recommending him to other companies for his work.
Liam Myron, Head of Information Systems
Steer Davies Gleave
We commissioned David to create two Word Templates in Westminster City Council’s house style. David produced the templates quickly and to a very high standard. That the templates are used regularly by our team is testament to the quality of David’s work.
Hugh Jordan, Senior Research Officer
Westminster City Council

David provides the business understanding, technical know-how and software expertise to create the files, formats and functions that simply frustrate the rest of us. Thank you for making life far less exasperating!

Michael Lopategui
Design Effect