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Custom PowerPoint template with animation
Custom PowerPoint template with animation

What is a Microsoft PowerPoint template?

Templates work differently in PowerPoint to the way they work in Word. When you create a new presentation from a template in PowerPoint it is simply a copy of the original and the presentation has no association with the original template. Any PowerPoint presentation can be used as a template to create another.

Why use a custom PowerPoint template?

There are many reasons for using professionally designed and created templates:

  • To produce presentations quickly, easily and consistently
  • To follow corporate design and brand guidelines with the minimum of effort with themes and slide layouts
  • To access the advanced functionality of PowerPoint with limited experience and training
  • To create PDF documents that include branded elements

Why use Office Templates to create your PowerPoint templates?

We’ve been creating templates since 1992. We’ve created hundreds of templates for individual users, large multinational organisations and for government departments and agencies.

The PowerPoint templates we produce can include:

  • Themes for quick and consistent formatting
  • Slide masters and layouts to make creating new slides easy
  • Ribbon customisation in XML
  • Macro commands and dialogs written in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

Microsoft Office for Windows or Microsoft Office for Mac?

Most properly created templates will work equally well in PowerPoint for Windows or Mac. If we know the templates are going to be used in both environments we will use features common to both and test them thoroughly.

Documentation, Training and Support

We are able to provide user guides, training and support specifically for our templates and more generally for Microsoft PowerPoint.