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Quick Install Word Template

How to install a template received as an email attachment It is important that Word templates are installed in the correct folder, especially if they are macro-enabled (*.dotm) templates. If you have received a template as an email attachment follow this procedure for a quick and simple installation: Windows PC right-click the attachment and choose Save As. Save the...
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Word 2016 for Windows and Mac

Word 2016 for Windows and Mac Finally Word for Mac 2016 has the same version number and looks superficially like Word for Windows 2016 but dig a little deeper and it soon becomes apparent that the Mac version is missing many of the most useful features of its Windows cousin. We are, of course, biased towards Windows, where most of our work is, and there may possibly be some useful features in the...
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Template installation

Template installation It is not always absolutely necessary to "install" Office templates in a designated folder but generally it is beneficial and to be recommended. Ideally, in a corporate environment, template installation and maintenance is performed centrally by the organisation's IS department. However, individuals and users in small organisations may be need to install and mainta...
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Top Tips for using Word

Top Tips for using Word Most of us think we know how to use Word, it's easy, we've been doing it for years! But there are right and wrong ways to do many different things in Word. Follow these tips below and your documents will more consistent, robust, easier to mange and look better. Styles We cannot emphasise strongly enough the importance and significance of using styles in all but the short...
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Word for Windows 2013 vs Word for Mac 2011

Microsoft Word for Windows versus Word for Mac The latest versions of Microsoft Office for Windows and Mac are, respectively, Office 2013 and Office 2011. New versions of both are due to be released in late 2015 and, who knows, they may even get the same version name! Superficially Word for Mac 2011 appears very similar to Word for Windows 2010/2013. By and large files are interchangeable betw...
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Personal templates in Word 2013 and 2016

Personal templates in Word for Windows 2013 and 2016 In previous versions of Word the best way to start a new document from a template was to click File > New > My Templates. In Word 2013 and 2016 this command no longer exists. In fact, there is no way to access personal templates, only the Featured templates provided by Microsoft, unless you specify the Default personal templates location....
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Features removed in Word 2013

Features removed in Word 2013 Several significant and useful features has been removed from Word 2013. 1. Personal Templates Word 2013 does not give you access to your custom templates, be they personal or corporate. There is a selection of on-line "featured" templates but these are of little interest, especially as they're formatted for US Letter size paper and not A4. For an explanation of...
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