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How to convert InDesign to PowerPoint

How to convert an InDesign document to a PowerPoint document There is no option to export an Adobe InDesign document to a Microsoft PowerPoint document. You must first export the InDesign document to an Adobe PDF and then convert the PDF to a PowerPoint document either in Acrobat or PowerPoint itself. From Adobe InDesign export the document to an Adobe PDF document. File > Export > Sa...
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Template installation

Template installation It is not always absolutely necessary to "install" Office templates in a designated folder but generally it is beneficial and to be recommended. Ideally, in a corporate environment, template installation and maintenance is performed centrally by the organisation's IS department. However, individuals and users in small organisations may be need to install and maintain thei...
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PowerPoint 2013 changes

What's changed in PowerPoint 2013 Losses There are several significant changes in PowerPoint 2013 which we consider to be a loss. 1. Personal templates PowerPoint 2013 does not give you access to your custom templates, be they personal or corporate. There is a selection of on-line "featured" templates. To gain access to you custom templates, click File > Options > Save and type %appda...
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