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Template installation

Template installation It is not always absolutely necessary to "install" Office templates in a designated folder but generally it is beneficial and to be recommended. Ideally, in a corporate environment, template installation and maintenance is performed centrally by the organisation's IS department. However, individuals and users in small organisations may be need to install and maintain thei...
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What is Office 365?

What is Office 365? The current version of Microsoft Office for Windows is Office 2013 and the current version of Microsoft Office for Mac is Office 2011. So what is Office 365? Office 365 is not a version of the Office suite, like 2013 or 2011, rather it is a brand used by Microsoft for a set of subscriptions to Microsoft services. For example, rather than buying a licence to use Office 2013 ...
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Word for Windows 2013 vs Word for Mac 2011

Microsoft Word for Windows versus Word for Mac The latest versions of Microsoft Office for Windows and Mac are, respectively, Office 2013 and Office 2011. New versions of both are due to be released in late 2015 and, who knows, they may even get the same version name! Superficially Word for Mac 2011 appears very similar to Word for Windows 2010/2013. By and large files are interchangeable betw...
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